Digital Learning

Digital Learning Banner Sally Ride Elementary is proud to announce that we are now a Digital Learning school.  This means that we will be blending our learning to include digital curriculum, with each student having their own digital device to use at the school.  With this new opportunity comes some new additions to our curriculum. Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions!

Family Technology Handbook and Help Videos - To assist our families with digital learning, OCPS has provided a Family Technology Handbook that covers many questions and procedures. This handbook is available in English, Spanish and soon other languages. There are also help videos that show how to fix many common issues that arise with digital learning. Click here to find the handbook and videos.

Classlink and Skyward for Parents - This is our new system that is replacing ProgressBook. Parents will be able to monitor their students' information as well as grades. The Skyward system is access through Classlink:
Click here for the link to the Classlink site to then access Skyward!
Click here for instructions on accessing Skyward for Parents!

If having trouble accessing Classlink or Skyward, please complete the Concern Form and send to Sally Ride.  If we are unable to help with the issue, we will submit your form to have it addressed.  Click here for the Parent Portal Concern Form!

LaunchPad for Students - This system was used our students at Sally Ride last year.  It is a centralized site to access many of the programs we use at OCPS.

Canvas - This is the learning management system that students will use to participate in a course digitally this year. Parents will have the ability to become an observer to view the course of their students. Click here for instructions on accessing Canvas for Parents!