Clubs & Competitions

Clubs & Competitions

Aviation & Aerospace Magnet students are given the opportunity to sign up for clubs and competitions before, after school or at home.  Some of these offerings include, SECME, Chess Club, Gardening Club, along with the regular offerings at the school such as Extended Day, tutoring and Boys & Girls Club.

Energy Whiz Virtual 2022 by Florida Solar Energy Center-UCF

One more time our school is represented by extraordinary people! Our students are participating in this showcase competition with SEVEN great projects. Please, please, please, SUPPORT them with your comments, ENJOY the event, and WISH our scholars good luck! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!


The projects are:


Energy Transfer Machine 

  1. Digestive Motion
  2. Drip Irrigation System

Critter Comfort Cottage

  1. Critter Cat
  2. Team Caterpillar Castle

Junior Solar Sprint

  1. Double Trouble
  2. Lightning Speed
  3. Suntraction

STEM Competitions
Students competing in STEM competitions

Gardening Club
Students taking care of the school garden